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Tentative contract agreement enables New York City schools to avert citywide bus drivers' strike

Sept. 21, 2023
The union representing drivers has reached a tentative agreement with the 3 largest transportation companies serving New York City schools.

The union that represents New York City school bus drivers has reached a tentative agreement with the school system's three largest bus companies, essentially averting a widespread strike in the nation's largest district.

ABC7NY reports that the tentative three-year deal between Amalgamated Transit Union 1181 and the largest bus companies still must be ratified by the rank and file. It represents about 4,000 routes.

The New York Daily News reports that the agreement would last five years.

The union still must come to an agreement with NYCSBUS, whose drivers operate roughly 800 routes, and other smaller bus providers, but the tentative agreement eliminates the possibility of the majority of 86,000 students losing their school bus ride. 

Students with disabilities, who often cannot fall back on public transportation, qualify in disproportionate numbers for school bus service.

The Mayor's office released a statement.

"We are grateful that ATU Local 1181 and DOE-contracted school bus companies were able to come to a voluntary agreement that will ensure continuity of service and peace of mind for the more than 80,000 students and their families who rely on these services, including thousands of students with disabilities," the statement said. "When labor and management come to the table in a spirit of mutual cooperation, we can achieve meaningful results for all New Yorkers."

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