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School bus crash in Sanders, Ariz., leaves 1 student dead, 4 others injured

Aug. 29, 2022
A bus was rear-ended by a truck, which pushed the bus into a van; a teenaged girl on board died and four others were seriously injured.

A teenaged girl on a school field trip was killed and six others were injured after a three-vehicle crash involving a school bus, truck and van on Interstate 40 in Sanders, Ariz

The crash occurred Sunday morning as traffic slowed down because of a single-vehicle rollover on the highway, reports

A teen girl, identified as 17-year-old Kiarra Alma Gordon from Wide Ruins of the Navajo Nation, died from her injuries in the crash. She was a student at Holbrook Indian School in Holbrook, Ariz., and was on a school field trip to Window Rock.

The school bus was carrying about 23 people when it was rear-ended by a semi-truck, which caused the school bus to be pushed into a van, according to the Department of Public Safety. 

School officials say six other students were treated at a Flagstaff hospital. Three were evaluated and released and as of Monday afternoon, three remain hospitalized in stable condition. The school says trauma therapy counselors and chaplains are assisting students and staff.

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