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Public school students in Waco can ride city buses for free

Aug. 22, 2018
City council approves 3-year plan that lets Waco school district students ride Waco Transit System buses for no charge.

The City of Waco, Texas, has approved free bus rides for Waco Independent School District students.

KWTX-TV reports that city council members approved an agreement that provides students free access to fixed-route bus transportation services for the next three-years.

According to city documents, the Waco school district will pay the city $45,000 over the three-year period.

During the 2013-2014 school year, Waco Transit System tested a pilot program that provided 18,786 trips to Waco students.

Transportation officials estimate that between 19,000 and 20,000 student trips will be used per year.

To ride, students need to show a valid Waco school district ID card.

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