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Sullivan County steering commitee members meet to discuss shared facilities option Photo courtesy of
<p>Sullivan County steering commitee members meet to discuss shared facilities option.</p>

Tennessee school systems may partner to solve facilities problems

Two school systems in Sullivan County, Tenn. are considering working together to eliminate the  respective facilities problems. Kingsport school district is battling overcrowding, while Sullivan County has 700,000 square feet of unused space. A strategic partnership may be the best option for both districts, NBC affiliate reported.

Representatives from both districts met recently to discuss what changes they may be able to implement to alleviate the problems in both districts. They came up with several different options including building two new high schools, creating a centralized technical school and renovating four middle schools and 11 elementary schools.

The suggestions are only preliminary and the process is expected to require significant community input, according to

Both schools plan to hold public hearings and to have a plan within the next 90 days.

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