Asumag 6490 Operations Health Index 1540x800 5
Asumag 6490 Operations Health Index 1540x800 5
Asumag 6490 Operations Health Index 1540x800 5
Asumag 6490 Operations Health Index 1540x800 5
Asumag 6490 Operations Health Index 1540x800 5

SchoolDude's Education Operations Health Index Results

Oct. 2, 2017
What does SchoolDude’s 2017 Education Operations Health Index report mean for you? Everything, if you want to see how your school compares to others nationwide, hear how those in your industry feel about their day-to-day operations and how they’re managing, and get the data you need to begin making strategic decisions designed for success.

That’s right—the complete Education Operation Health Index (OHI) survey results have been released and are now available for download. You may be familiar with the OHI through being one of the many education leaders who participated in the survey. Or, you may have taken part in SchoolDude’s recent webinar that unpacked the incredible amount of data the OHI collected. Maybe this is your first time hearing anything about the survey.

Regardless of how you’re coming to these results, we’re glad you’re here. We at SchoolDude are excited to finally present our findings in one cohesive document that’s now ready for you to access and share with your team. Learn more about these survey results and what they mean for your school below.


SchoolDude’s OHI is a compilation of data gathered from education professionals and SchoolDude that aims to lay out the current landscape of the education industry. In it you’ll find responses that provide an eye-opening look inside schools nationwide, covering topics like:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Community use of facilities
  • Technology management
  • Energy
  • Safety


The survey, created by SchoolDude, was filled out by approximately 200 education leaders across the country, consisting of those from public K-12 schools, private institutions, four-year universities and two-year colleges. That makes this index largely peer-led. This compilation is information from your peers for your peers, providing an accurate look at the current state of the industry, along with valuable insights from SchoolDude’s collected data.


There are a few reasons why we created the OHI. For starters, it gives those in education an opportunity to see how their school stacks up with others nationwide. It also allows them to see what other schools are facing straight from the source, which we hope provides a sense of solidarity and enables leaders to learn from one another.

Perhaps the most important incentive, however, is data. The OHI is rich with information that allows leaders to see where they are and where they want to go. This information empowers those in education to make data-driven decisions when creating strategies to further the success of their schools and students, as seen with SchoolDude champion John Dufay. You may have heard his name a lot recently if you’ve been following our OHI release, and for good reason. As the Executive Director of Operations at Albuquerque Public Schools, he used undeniable data to create a new approach for his district that has saved them over $2 million to date.

Now that you’re up to speed on what the OHI is and what it means for your team and your school, download your copy of the complete OHI survey results now to unlock this valuable data!

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