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Houston district eliminates more than 2,300 central office jobs

July 21, 2023
About 670 will lose their jobs; another 1,675 positions are vacant and won't be filled.

The state-appointed superintendent of the Houston school district says he is eliminating more than 2,300 central office positions as part of an administrative reorganization.

KHOU-TV reports that a total of 2,347 positions will be eliminated; 672 are filled positions, and 1,675 are vacant positions that will not be filled.

"In June, the day I arrived, we had 10,204 positions on the books at central office," Superintendent Mike Miles said. "As of now, we have reorganized and we now have 7,857 positions in central office."

Miles says many of the people losing their jobs in the reorganization will get other positions in the district.

Miles has said that the cuts aren't performance-related on an individual level.

"This by no means means that people haven't been working hard or that people aren't doing the job that they were assigned to do," e said. "This is about making sure we right-size the central office and also work most efficiently," he said.

An increase in operational costs of the central office and a decrease in student population size were factors in the job cuts, Miles said.

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