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Houston district is cutting hundreds of administrative jobs in reorganization

July 12, 2023
State-appointed Superintendent Mike Miles says he is working to streamline district operations.

The Houston school district is cutting hundreds of jobs as it prepares for its first academic year under state-appointed leadership.

Houston Public Media reports that some district employees already have been told their positions are being eliminated, and more cuts are expected to be made during the 2023-24 school year, new superintendent Mike Miles said.

Between 500 and 600 jobs are being eliminated in the district's chief academic office – a staff reduction of about 30%– along with about 40 human-resource positions. Miles says more job cuts are coming in departments such as communications, professional development and school leadership.

Miles was appointed June 1 by Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath, who also replaced the district's elected board with state-appointed managers. The state intervened because of mismanagement and alleged illegal activity by previous board members and also because Wheatley High School had a string of failing academic ratings from the state.

Streamlining district operations has been a priority for Miles, who said Houston's central office grew by 61% during the last six years in terms of staff size and expenditures – while student enrollment declined by about 27,000.

Miles said employees whose jobs are being eliminated can apply for other, open positions.

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