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All-boys Catholic high school in Chicago backs off plan to admit girls

Aug. 3, 2022
Mount Carmel High School says many families threatened to remove their sons if the school went coed.

Mount Carmel High School in Chicago has backed off a plan to enroll girls.

The all-boys Catholic school in the city's Woodlawn neighborhood had been considering going co-ed, but the feedback it received has been strongly opposed to the change, reports the Chicago Sun-Times

“The results of the feedback have made it overwhelmingly clear that Mount Carmel High School’s stakeholders want Mount Carmel to remain all-male, and that changing the school’s all-male tradition is not in the best interest of the school,” said school president Brendan Conroy. 

In a survey sent to student and parents, 41 of 63 responses from students said they would prefer the school remain all-boys. Only 14 said the school should go coed. 

Of 277 parents who responded, 113 said they would not keep their son enrolled at Mount Carmel if the school went coed; 122 said they would need more information before making the decision, and 2 said they would keep their son enrolled.

Mount Carmel was founded in 1900. 

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