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Iowa City (Iowa) district purchases building from ACT for $8.7 million

June 16, 2022
The district will use the Tyler Building for professional development and its online learning program

The Iowa City (Iowa) school board has voted to buy a building from the testing firm ACT for $8.7 million.

The district plans to use the facility, known as the Tyler Building, for professional development, its online learning program and possibly career and technical education, reports The Gazette

The district launched ICCSD Online, a virtual school, in 2021, and had been using a building known as “Old Hoover” as a place for in-person meetings with the online students. But "Old Hoover" has been demolished to create more parking and tennis courts at Iowa City High School.

The newly acquired 85,000-square-foot building also will provide space for educators to meet in a large group, something the district did not previously have. 

The Tyler Building was built in the 1980s. ACT recently invested $7 million in a new roof, heating, ventilation and air conditioning improvements, lighting upgrades and a new fire alarm system.

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