Mary Lin Elementary School
Mary Lin Elementary School Principal Sharyn Briscoe

Atlanta principal accused of separating Black kids from other students in "discriminatory" practice

Aug. 13, 2021
Parents say the principal allegedly separated Black second-grade students from students of other races, claiming "it was for their own good."

Parents of an Atlanta student have accused an elementary school principal of separating Black students from their peers.

Kila and Jason Posey filed a complaint about Sharyn Briscoe, principal of Mary Lin Elementary School in Atlanta,  to the U.S. Education Department's Office of Civil Rights on July 22. The parents alleged that Briscoe separated Black second-grade students from students of other races, claiming "it was for their own good", reports The Washington Post

The Poseys say they raised a number of concerns with school administrators about the school, where Jason Posey works as school psychologist.

Kila Posey says she and her husband were troubled with the school assessment that her then-second-grade daughter needed an early improvement plan, which is designed for students who are at risk of not remaining on grade level.

The Poseys discussed moving the child to another classroom under a teacher she believed to be a better fit. Briscoe, who is Black, said that the teacher Kila Posey would mean her daughter would be the only Black child in the class.

Asked why the daughter would be the only Black student in the class, Briscoe allegedly replied, “that’s not the ‘Black class.’ ”

Briscoe did not respond to a request for comment.

The Poseys’ attorney, Sharese Shields, said the next step is to see if the Education Department opens an investigation.

The Poseys and Shields would like to see Briscoe and administration officials who knew about the alleged separation of Black students be removed.

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