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Richmond (Va.) board votes to take back control of school construction

April 15, 2021
Since 2018, construction has been supervised by a team of city and school officials.

The Richmond (Va.) School Board has voted to take back its authority to build new schools, a process that since 2018 had been led by a team of city and school officials.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that the board took the action even though the superintendent says he doesn’t think the district is equipped to oversee construction projects.

City officials are researching whether the board’s resolution is binding.

The board’s vote could delay plans to solicit proposals to replace George Wythe High School, which was built in 1960.

Before the board’s action, Superintendent Jason Kamras said the board should reaffirm its commitment to continue collaborating with the city on school construction.

Kamras said the Joint Construction Team, which meets every week, is a good process to build schools. It is made up of school district administration officials, school board leadership, and city administration officials.

A concern for those who oppose the resolution is the possibility of a delay building a new George Wythe High School. Kamras says the city had been prepared to put out a request for proposals next week for the design of the school.

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