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Teachers in Andover (Mass.) district won't enter buildings for in-service sessions

Aug. 31, 2020
Teachers were scheduled to begin in-service training for 2020-21 on Monday, but the union has voted to do so remotely.

Teachers in Andover (Mass.) district returned to work Monday for an in-person development day, but they refused to enter the school buildings.

WCVB-TV reports that Monday was supposed to be the first of 10 in-person professional development days for teachers before students start hybrid learning on Sept. 16.

However, the Andover Education Association voted overwhelmingly last week to start the year remotely.

“We’re going to work today," says Matt Bach, president of the Andover Education Association. "We’re going to do our job. We’re going to do it remotely outside of the school buildings.”

The Andover district says the teachers' workplace safety action is really an illegal work stoppage.

“Today’s action by the Andover Education Association shows a disregard for our families and students, who have confidence in the district’s work to ensure our buildings are safe for our students and staff," the district says.

The School Committee has scheduled an executive session to discuss options for litigation.

On Friday, it posted a statement on the district's website: "Educators have been directed to begin their school year in-person on Monday, August 31," it says. "We continue to expect that they will. If the union instead chooses to engage in an illegal work stoppage, we are prepared to address that through the proper channels."

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