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Virginia Beach (Va.) district pursues plans to replace 4 of its oldest facilities

June 1, 2023
The district wants to build 2 replacement high schools and a new school for grades 4 to 6 that would consolidate 2 existing campuses.

The Virginia Beach (Va.) district is considering a plan to replace four of its oldest school facilities.

WVEC-TV reports that the district is working on a proposal to replace Princess Anne High School, Bayside High School, Bettie Williams Elementary and the Bayside Sixth Grade Campus with three new school buildings.

The Virginia Beach Schools of the Future initiative envisions new Princess Anne and Bayside High Schools and a new, consolidated Bettie F. Williams 4-5/Bayside 6th Grade Campus

The school board and city council have signed off on the facilities proposal, and the district is moving forward with the plan.

"We need these new buildings," said City Councilwoman Amelia Ross-Hammond.

A replacement Princess Anne High School would be designed for 1,550 in-attendance-zone students plus 100 to 150 division-wide special needs students. It would be built on the existing 43-acre high school site.

A new Bayside High School would be designed for 1,900 students and would be built on the existing 32-acre high school site.

The Bettie F. Williams Elementary School and the Bayside 6th Grade Campus would come together in a new school for 850 students in grades 4 through 6.  The new school would be built on the 18-acre Bettie Williams site.

Ross-Hammond said having these new buildings will be a game changer for city’s future.

"We'll come out with the best product, for not 50 years, but 100 years," she said.

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