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Ohio high school drops mascot that is deemed offensive

July 6, 2020
The Forest Hills school board has voted to eliminate the "Redskins" mascot from Anderson High School.

An Ohio district has decided to eliminate the "Redskins" logo and mascot from one of its high schools.

The Forest Hills (Ohio) school board voted 4 to 1 to end the use of the logo for Anderson High School in Cincinnati.

The district says on its website that the action "comes after years of community discussion, input and significant work to support inclusivity and diversity."

“We serve a passionate community and the Board of Education respects the many different voices invested in the future of the mascot,” says Forest Heis, board president. “Now is the time to unite with the common goal of selecting a mascot that celebrates Anderson’s proud traditions of academic and athletic excellence.”

The board's decision comes as the organization most identified with the mascot—the NFL's Washington Redskins—has announced that, after years of saying it would not drop the logo, it is considering a name change.

The name Redskin is considered a derogatory and offensive term to Native Americans.

Superintendent Scot Prebles says the district will carry out the logo change in phases. The first steps:

  • Removing and updating signage in and around the Anderson High School prior to students returning to the campus in August. 
  • Purchasing the materials necessary to prepare students to successfully and comfortably participate in school-related activities 
  • Phasing out administrative items inside the building prior to the start of school.

The district is forming a logo and brand committee to carry out the mascot change and is planning to use private donations to cover the cost of the change.

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