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School district in Indiana sells administration building to county

May 1, 2020
The Vigo County Capital Improvement Board buys the Vigo County school district's headquarters in downtown Terre Haute for $3 million.

The Vigo County (Ind.) School Board has sold its administration building and property in downtown Terre Haute to the county's Capital Improvement Board for $3 million.

The Terre Haute Tribune-Star reports that when the purchase is finalized this summer,  the district will lease the building at no charge from the capital improvement board through Dec. 31, 2021—unless the district relocates its central administration office before then.

The county says it needs to acquire the property to provide parking in connection with a convention center project.

Board member Rosemarie Scott vehemently opposed the sale. 

“I think this is just not the time for us to be making such a huge decision,” especially with the public unable to attend and provide comment at the meeting, she said.

Board President Hank Irwin, board president, says two independent appraisals of the property in January valued it at $2.2 million, and $2.7 million. The $3 million sale price was as “a good offer," he says

As far as relocating the central administrative offices, the district doesn’t have a timetable for a move or a site identified, a spokesman says.

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