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Less than 2 years after opening, Lexington, Ky., school needs to add portables

Jan. 17, 2018
Fayette County district officials say Garrett Morgan Elementary is already exceeding its capacity.

Less than two years after opening, Garrett Morgan Elementary School in Lexington, Ky., needs to add four portable classrooms to keep up with enrollment growth.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that Fayette County school board members are being asked to spend $138,353 for the portable classroom units. The school, which opened in 2016, was built to accommodate 650 students.

The northeast areas of Fayette County are seeing tremendous growth as new homes are being built, district spokeswoman Lisa Deffendall says.

For 20 years, district officials have built elementary schools to accommodate 650 students. Those buildings were about 73,000 square feet. But because of crowding concerns, the next new school, expected to open in 2019, will have 80,000 square feet and will be built for 750 students.

District officials say 15 Fayette County Public schools have portables to accommodate enrollment growth or programs.

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