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Creating effective indoor air quality programs

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has developed a guide that helps schools create effective indoor air quality (IAQ) programs.

The Framework for Effective School IAQ Programs: Six Key Drivers identifies and explains the elements that make schools' IAQ programs successful.

The steps:

  • Organize for success. Develop a systematic approach, identify existing assets, empower an IAQ leader and build an effective team.
  • Communicate with everyone, all the time. Share your goals, be transparent and inclusive, and communicate results.
  • Assess your environments continually. Walk the grounds, listen to occupants, use technology, and identify and prevent risks.
  • Plan your short- and long-term activities. Prioritize actions, put goals in writing, start small, work in stages and plan for the future.
  • Address structural, institutional and behavioral issues. Educate staff about IAQ, train occupants to address IAQ risks, and address the source of the problem.
  • Evaluate your results for continuous improvement. Solicit feedback, identify accomplishments and recognize areas for more concentrated.
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