ASU 100: Ebbing Numbers

No institutions were added or subtracted from the 2009-10 list of the 100 largest districts, but when one looks back 20 years, several school systems have fallen off the list as they have seen their numbers decline or at least not keep up with the growth of other districts.

Of the 100 largest districts in 1989-90, one-fourth are no longer on the list:

Orleans Parish (La.); Washington, D.C.; East Baton Rouge Parish (La.); Jefferson Parish (La.); Portland (Ore.); Caddo Parish (La.); Cincinnati; Oakland (Calif.); Ysleta (Texas); Indianapolis; Newark (N.J.); Buffalo (N.Y.); San Juan (Calif.); St. Louis; Charleston, (S.C.); Birmingham (Ala.); Escambia County (Fla.); Corpus Christi (Texas); Toledo (Ohio); Tulsa (Okla.); Seattle (Wash.); Minneapolis (Minn.); Jefferson County (Ala.); Pittsburgh (Pa.); and Oklahoma City.

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