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Bethel, Conn., high school will upgrade its HVAC system

Jan. 30, 2023
Voters earlier this month approved a $4.18 million plan to improve the HVAC system at Bethel High School.

Voters in Bethel, Conn., have approved a referendum that will provide $4.18 million funding to upgrade the HVAC system at Bethel High School.

The Danbury News-Times reports that about $1.5 million has already been allocated to the HVAC project, and the school district is seeking more funding through a state grant program that encourages districts to install, replace or upgrade heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems.

The high school’s HVAC system, which was not updated when the school was renovated from 2007 to 2009, has posed problems for several years. Some sections, for example, lack air conditioning, and some areas that do have air conditioning have air quality and noise issues.

A 2020 study of the school’s HVAC system identified the administrative offices, media center and adjoining classrooms as priority areas for improvements.

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