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Hutchinson (Minn.) district proposes HVAC upgrade for middle school

Jan. 20, 2022
Hutchinson Middle School would receive a modern system similar to those in other district buildings.

The Hutchinson (Minn.) school district has proposed upgrading the HVAC system at Hutchinson Middle School

The building still has the pneumatic control system that was part of the original construction 32 years ago, reports The Hutchinson Leader

The control system has become less efficient and needs more maintenance; the rubber airlines used in the system are deteriorating. 

Brian Mohr, the district's director of buildings, grounds and transportation, has proposed changing the building's system to a digital control system -- one that is similar to other district building systems. 

If the board approves, funding for the upgrades would come from the district's Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Covid-19 Funds. 

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