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North Carolina district plans HVAC upgrade at its 4 high schools

Oct. 19, 2021
The Cleveland County district says upgrading the aging systems will cost $34.4 million.

The Cleveland County (N.C.) school board has approved a plan that will upgrade heating and air conditioning systems at all four of its high schools.

The Shelby Star reports that a review of the systems at the four high schools showed the aging infrastructure was negatively affecting air quality and energy efficiency.

The board approved a six-part plan developed by an engineering firm to address some of the facility failings. It calls for resealing at the four high schools, replacing damaged windows and eventually replacing the HVAC units at each of the schools.

The full cost of the work is expected to be around $34.4 million.

Money for the repairs and the new HVAC units would come from emergency Covid relief funds allocated to schools.

Work on the HVAC systems is expected to take 30 months. Part of the cost of the projects will be acquiring mobile classrooms for students while work is being done on the schools.

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