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Saving $35 Million Over 15 Years by Reducing Energy Consumption

Wright State University plans to reduce energy consumption on its Dayton, Ohio, campus by nearly 40 percent through energy efficiency. Officials expect the improvements will save the university $35.8 million over the next 15 years.

The university says it has entered into a $25.2 million contract with ABM Industries to carry out the energy-efficiency enhancements throughout the 557-acre campus.

Some of the upgrades: 

•Elimination of 30 major pieces of costly heating and cooling equipment.

•Retrofit of exterior light fixtures with LED and induction lighting, which offers lower energy consumption and longer equipment lifespans than conventional lighting.

•Installation of a geothermal energy system at the Nutter Center, the university’s 10,000-seat arena.

•Continuous improvement of efficiency standards by using technology to gather data.

Officials say the new system also will save $225,000 a year in maintenance costs and pay for itself in 12.7 years. 

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