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LSU39s Studio Arts Building is in need of repair
<p>LSU&#39;s Studio Arts Building is in need of repair.</p>

LSU Studio Arts Department falls victim to deferred maintenance

Last year the Louisiana State University System received $14 million through the Workforce and Innovation for a Stronger Economy Fund, and the College of Engineering received $110 million through private investments and state funding for the renovations. However, the university has received absolutely nothingno funds to renovate its dilapidated Studio Arts Building, and LSU’s art students believe it is because they are undervalued.

“They always use money, and what really pissed everyone off — especially if you’re in the Studio Arts Building — is you see the brand new renovations to the stadium right across the street,” Emily Seba, a senior in studio art program told the Daily Reveille “We’re in this really awful building that some of the windows are broken, and they don’t care about us, but they’ll pay money for what they deem is more important than us.”

The lack of repairs is not a result of the university ignoring the problem. LSU requested funds from the state legislature to renovate the Studio Arts Building, according to Facility Services director Roger Husser.

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