Students who fell short of reading goal had faces written on with permanent markers

Nov. 19, 2012
Teacher at Idaho elementary allowed students to write on the faces of their classmates

From The Twin Falls Times-News: Fourth-graders in an Idaho elementary school who failed to achieve reading goals had their faces scribbled on with permanent marker by other students under the supervision of their teacher. Some parents and Cassia County School District leadership are decrying the consequences for the nine students, some of whom have learning problems. Twenty-one students in teacher Summer Larsen's class at Declo Elementary School in Declo, Idaho, had goals to read a set number of books in a given time frame. The class, with Larsen's approval, chose to have students who did not meet the goal either stay inside at recess until the goal was met, or have their faces written on by classmates. Six of the nine students in the class who did not meet their goals chose to have their faces marked on.

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