Pittsburgh superintendent wants to close aging high school

May 21, 2008
District says it can't afford the $76 million it would cost to renovate Schenley High

Pittsburgh (Pa.) Public Schools Superintendent Mark Roosevelt says the district can't afford to renovate Schenley High School; he recommends closing it in June. Roosevelt cited a new architectural report this month that estimated renovation costs at $76.2 million, not the $64.4 million that officials had been citing since October. The the 92-year-old building needs widespread asbestos abatement and has other maintenance problems.
Click here to read The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article.

SIDEBAR: Schenley High School's maintenance problems couldn't come at a worse time. District revenues are flat. Enrollment continues to fall. Costs of employee health care and charter schools are up sharply. Schenley renovations would weaken the Pittsburgh district's bond rating and require $7 million in debt payments annually for 20 years.
Click here to read The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article.

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