74 New York City schools told to expect significant budget cuts

May 23, 2008
City releases list of schools where spending will be cut by more than 5 percent.

The New York City Department of Education has released a list of 74 schools, including its most prestigious high schools, that are to have their budgets for next year cut by more than 5 percent.
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EARLIER: Some of New York City’s highest-performing schools could suffer budget cuts as high as 6 percent next year, Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein says. He blames state rules that restrict how the city can spend state education money and wants legislators to loosen the rules. Klein says that if he had more flexibility, he would cut school budgets uniformly, by 1.4 percent. But state lawmakers, as well as education advocates, say the restrictions are designed to ensure that more money goes to schools labeled by the state as failing or with high student poverty rates.
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