Temporary housing at University of Pittsburgh will be used for the entire school year

Nov. 8, 2010
Students say that staying put would be less disruptive

From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: University of Pittsburgh officials say that students living in converted residence hall lounges or other temporary spaces will remain there for the entire academic year. That is a departure from the usual practice of integrating those students into regular rooms as the semester progresses. Pitt housing staff queried students, who answered that if regular rooms didn't open up within the first few weeks, it would be less disruptive to them to simply stay put. In Litchfield Towers and Lothrop Hall, 92 students are living in four-person and three-person rooms made from converted lounges. Another 48 students occupy a floor inside the Wyndham hotel near campus, and nine more are in a residence hall at neighboring Carlow University.

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