Philadelphia names interim school chief

May 17, 2007
Former army officer Thomas Brady has been the district's chief operating officer since March.

A retired U.S. Army officer who began a second career in public education said yesterday that he would get right to work on the district's problems when he takes the helm July 1 as interim chief executive officer of the Philadelphia public schools. Thomas M. Brady, 56, who was hired as the Philadelphia schools' chief operating officer in March.
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Earlier: Philadelphia School District chief Paul Vallas will stay on the job a little longer than expected: He will close out the school year and make sure that schools are ready to reopen in September. Vallas said last week he would leave after the end of the school year.

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Philadelphia School District chief executive officer Paul Vallas, who brought hope and a whirlwind of change to the 174,000-student system, says he will leave soon and take his family home to Chicago. Tensions among Vallas and the School Reform Commission and Mayor John Street have flared in recent months, after officials revealed the district's $2.04 billion budget had a $73.3 million deficit. As a result, the commission took some spending authority away from Vallas and put it in the hands of its own fiscal monitors. Despite the fiscal troubles, the Vallas administration has presided over a substantial rise in standardized test scores, a proliferation of smaller, theme-based high schools, and a more cohesive, standardized curriculum.
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