New Jersey officials order Perth Amboy school superintendent reinstated

Oct. 8, 2012
Janine Caffrey has been removed and reinstated three times this year

From The Newark Star-Ledger: New Jersey education officials have ordered Perth Amboy Schools Superintendent Janine Caffrey reinstated, overturning a city school board decision to place her on administrative leave. The decision marks the third time Caffrey has been removed and then returned to office. Assistant Commissioner Barrier Erlichson ordered the superintendent be returned to work, saying the board's latest vote to oust Caffrey was premature because a state decision is still pending on an earlier board vote. School board members voted 5-0 last month to place Caffrey on leave with the intent of negotiating a settlement of the remaining two years of her contract. The board has previously accused Caffrey of insubordination and damaging staff morale, charges Caffrey disputes. On April 25 and again May 7, the board voted to remove Caffrey from her $175,000-a-year post, but each time state Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf overturned those decisions.

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