Focus on athletics questioned at Rutgers University

Oct. 20, 2008
Some students, faculty members oppose stadium renovation

Ask students like Usha Persaud about theRutgers University football team, and they may instead talk about the campus bus system, on which it is harder than ever to get a seat. Or the microphones in the lecture halls, which malfunction so frequently that Persaud has to sit up front to hear the professors. And did she mention that tuition went up? Many students link their own hardships to news that the New Jersey state university plans to move ahead with $102 million in football stadium renovations or that the athletic department has received more than $2 million in state earmarks when overall financing to Rutgers was being cut.
To read The New York Times article, click here. RELATED: The president of Rutgers, Richard L. McCormick, acknowledges that the university faces a severe cash crunch that is likely to scale back the stadium project, but he says that turning back from big-time sports is not an option.
To read The New York Times article, click here.

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