Conroe (Texas) district wins approval of $526 million bond

May 12, 2008
District plans to build 7 new schools

The Conroe (Texas) district has won approval of $526 million bond. The money will enable the district to build two new junior high schools, an intermediate school and four elementary schools. An existing junior high will be converted into a ninth-grade center.
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EARLIER: The Conroe (Texas) district is asking voters on May 10 to approve a $526.7 million bond request. The money would enable the district to build two new junior highs, one new intermediate school and four new elementary schools. It also would provide funds to convert Peet Junior High to a Conroe High School Ninth Grade Campus; add to Travis Intermediate, The Woodlands College Park High School, San Jacinto Elementary, Deretchin Elementary and Tough Elementary.
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