$41 million bond request is rejected again in Cassia County (Idaho) district

March 12, 2011
Voters say no to proposal for the third time

From The Twin Falls Times-News: Voters in the Cassia County (Idaho) district have again rejected a $41.5 million bond proposal for facility improvements. The referendum was the district’s third try at the bond issue, and the question suffered its worst defeat — it drew only 44 percent favor in a vote that needed a two-thirds majority approval. The money would have paid for several new schools.

DECEMBER 2010...from The Twin Falls Times-News: The Cassia County (Idaho) school district has failed to win approval of a $41.5 million facilities bond issue. The money would have paid for new buildings in Burley, Malta, Declo and Oakley, upgraded heating and ventilation systems in Albion and other facility upgrades. More than 62 percent of voters were in favor of the bond issue, but it required a two-thirds majority.

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