Two student fights on buses raise concerns in Middletown (Ohio) district

Feb. 9, 2011
Pregnant student injured in one incident; student’s hair set on fire in another

From The Middletown Journal: Middletown (Ohio) school officials are promising to be “more diligent” about safety after back-to-back altercations involving students on district buses have led to police investigations. Authorities are searching for a 16-year-old female student who allegedly injured two people during a fight on a bus earlier this week. Police the girl was fighting with a 17-year-old female student who is nine months pregnant while they were being transported home from an alternative school. An aide on the bus who attempted to intervene sustained a severe bruise to her arm. The altercation follows an incident when a 15-year-old student had a chunk of his hair burned off by another student on the bus. Three students were suspended from school for 10 days and have been charged by police in that case.

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