Oklahoma City district investigates why faulty elevator wasn't fixed (w/ Video)

Nov. 21, 2011
3 girls were nearly crushed after getting trapped in shaft at district school

From The Daily Oklahoman: Oklahoma City School Superintendent Karl Springer says the door to an elevator at Classen School of Advanced Studies shouldn't have been open or unlocked last week when three girls opened it and were trapped and nearly crushed. The district also is trying to determine why the elevator missed a required annual inspection for the last two years. The girls saw the open door and walked into the elevator shaft. The door closed, and they were locked in the shaft as the elevator started coming down toward them. The girls called 911 and tried to hold the elevator off a it pressed against them. After 45 minutes firefighters and an elevator technician freed them, and the girls were treated for injuries.

VIDEO from KWTV: Video from Today (NBC):

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