District, family fight over education plan for girl with brain tumor

Aug. 31, 2009
Mother says Bethel (Wash.) district refused to set up individualized plan for daughter

From The Tacoma News-Tribune: The mother of a student with a brain tumor is fighting the Bethel (Wash.) School District over whether the girl should get special consideration under federal disability laws. Gauvrielle Harp, 16, missed dozens of days as a sophomore at Bethel High School last year because of medical appointments and illness. Gauvrielle’s mother, Tanya Williams, wanted Gauvrielle placed on an individualized plan to help her succeed and to give her extra time to do assignments. But district officials refused, saying they never were told the details about Gauvrielle’s illness that would qualify her for a specialized plan. They also say they worked to accommodate her many absences in other ways.

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