Uniforms will be mandatory for Cleveland high school students

Feb. 11, 2009
District had already required uniforms in elementary schools

Beginning in August, public high school students inCleveland won't have to fuss about what to wear to class. They must don uniforms. The options approved by the school board are limited to collared shirts or blouses, dress slacks or skirts, and knee-length shorts or jumpers -- all in a select set of conservative colors. The uniforms are the same as those mandated in the city's elementary schools for the last two years. A few high schools already require uniforms, but most follow a looser dress code that prohibits items such as hoodies, jeans, long white T-shirts and shirts with writing on them. To read The Cleveland Plain Dealer article, click here. FROM JANUARY 2009: The Cleveland school board is considering a proposal to have all high school students wear uniforms, starting in the fall. A final decision could come later this month. The proposed rules are the same as those in effect for elementary schools since 2007: Boys could wear collared shirts and slacks or knee-length shorts. For girls, it would be collared blouses or polo shirts and slacks or knee-length skirts, jumpers or shorts. Colors would be limited to certain solids. Five city high schools already require uniforms; the other 19 follow a dress code that spells out what's forbidden.
To read The Cleveland Plain Dealer article, click here.

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