New York City schools issue guidelines for employees' using social media

May 2, 2012
Teachers told to stay away from students' Facebook pages and keep personal and professional accounts separate

From The Wall Street Journal: The New York City school system has issued guidelines for the use of social media in schools, stopping short of an outright ban but warning teachers to keep personal and professional accounts separate. Teachers will be told in no uncertain terms that their interactions with students online will be monitored. Employees "have no expectation of privacy" when using social media, the guidelines say. Principals or other supervisors are expected to keep a list of all school-related social media accounts, monitor them regularly and report any "questionable" behavior. The guidelines also tell teachers to steer clear of looking at students' personal Facebook pages.

Also....from The New York Times: Teachers may communicate with students via professional pages, devoted to classroom business such as homework and study guides, but must get a supervisor’s approval before setting up such pages. Parents must sign a consent form before their children can participate on those pages.

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