Closing 29 schools would save St. Louis at least $22 million a year

Feb. 6, 2009
Administrators elaborate on proposal to overhaul district schools
St. Louis Public Schools would save at least $22 million a year if the board chooses to close all 29 schools, according to a staff report given to the district’s administrative board. School officials estimated $11.3 million in payroll savings and $10.9 million in building savings, per year. Board members say they may make final decisions about school closings as soon as Feb. 26. To read The St. Louis Post-Dispatch article, click here. FROM JANUARY 2009: The St. Louis School District is considering a major restructuring that would close or consolidate 30 schools, renovate 30 others and construct two new elementary schools. The plan, if approved by the Special Administrative Board, would shrink the number of educational buildings in the state's largest school district by a third. Faced with a $36 million budget deficit and dwindling enrollment, school officials say a reduction and consolidation of school facilities is inevitable. The district, which once served 100,000 students, now enrolls just 26,000. To read The St. Louis Post-Dispatch article, click here.

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