Study says University of Delaware could use solar power to generate most of its daytime power needs

Nov. 18, 2009
University's Center for Energy and Environmental Policy finds thousands of area roofs that could accommodate solar panels

From The Wilmington News-Journal: A study has concluded that the University of Delaware and the city of Newark, Del., could affordably tap rooftop sunlight for more than three-quarters of daytime power needs using readily available equipment and financing. The finding appears in a study dubbed "Creating a Solar City," led by the university's Center for Energy and Environmental Policy (CEEP). Using maps and aerial photos, researchers found thousands of Newark-area rooftop surfaces suitable for solar panel grids. By conservative standards, the combined areas could generate as much 96.4 megawatts, displacing up to 76.3 percent of city and university daytime consumption, and 32 percent of 24-hour average needs.

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