$270 million bond proposal approved in Glendale (Calif.) district

April 11, 2010
Money will pay for facility improvements throughout school system

From The Glendale News-Press: The Glendale (Calif.) school district has won approval of a $270 million bond proposal. The money will be used to pay for facility upgrades. Specific projects have not been identified, but district officials say potential bond-funded projects include health and safety improvements such as removing hazardous materials, and upgrading automatic fire alarms and communication and security systems. The money also may be used to repair walls, roofs and floor coverings, as well as updating science, career and technical labs.

DECEMBER 2010....From The Glendale News-Press: The Glendale (Calif.) district is asking voters on April 5 to approve a $270 million school bond. Priority projects that could be financed by bond dollars, district officials say, include school safety improvements, technology upgrades and science lab renovations.

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