After fire, elementary school in Portland, Ore., relocates to vacant facility

Nov. 16, 2009
Marysville K-8 school is situated temporarily in former Rose City Park Elementary

From The Portland Oregonian: Teachers and staff from the fire-damaged Marysville K-8 School in Portland, Ore., streamed this morning into their new home at Rose City Park Elementary . School buses pulled up to the school, giving the displaced students a first glimpse of their new surroundings.

Earlier from The Portland Oregonian: Days after a fire destroyed much of the Marysville K-8 School in Portland, Ore., teachers and other staff members were preparing to reopen the school at a temporary site. Marysville's new home will be about five miles away in the old Rose City Park Elementary facility, which closed in 2007 as part of a district consolidation. To get ready for classes next week, each teacher will work with someone from the district's curriculum department to help with lesson planning. Those assistants also will help the teachers put up bulletin boards in their new classrooms and make copies of whatever they need.

Earlier....from The Portland Oregonian: More than 100 firefighters battled a massive extra-alarm fire at Marysville Elementary School in Portland, Ore. The 80-year-old school, was totally engulfed in flames, a firefighter said. All 460 students and 17 teachers have been accounted for and evacuated to a nearby public library.

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