Panel affirms decision that Washington, D.C., must rehire 75 teachers

Sept. 23, 2011
labor relations board upholds arbitrator's finding that the teachers were improperly dismissed

From The Washington Post: Washington, D.C.'s labor-management relations board has upheld an arbitrator’s decision ordering the school system to rehire 75 teachers fired in 2008 by then-Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee. The Public Employee Relations Board determined that arbitrator Charles Feigenbaum acted appropriately in February when he ordered the teachers reinstated with back pay, which could total as much as $7.5 million.

FEBRUARY 2011...from The Washington Post: An arbitrator says that the Washington, D.C., school system must reinstate 75 new teachers who were fired in 2008 by schools chancellor Michelle A. Rhee during their probationary period. The arbitrator ruled that the dismissals were improper because the teachers were not told why they were fired.
JULY 2008....from The Washington Post: Washington, D.C., Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee says she plans to fire 250 teachers and 500 teacher's aides who did not meet a June 30 deadline to obtain certification. The school system traditionally has had a large number of uncertified teachers and teacher's aides, and for years had struggled to meet requirements of the No Child Left Behind law that all educators have a credential. By firing the 750 educators, the school system now is in compliance with the law.

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