Chief academic officer promoted to superintendent in Cleveland

June 7, 2011
Board opts to promote from within after passing over 3 out-of-town candidates that a search committee recommended

From The Cleveland Plain Dealer: The Cleveland school district has picked its own chief academic officer, Eric Gordon, to be the new head of the district. The board chose Gordon, 40, as chief executive officer over three out-of-town finalists a search committee had recommended over Gordon. Gordon has never served as superintendent before. The board went back to considering Gordon after interviewing the finalists -- Lorain (Ohio) Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson, Grand Rapids (Mich.) Superintendent Bernard Taylor and Lowell (Mass.) Superintendent Chris Scott -- last week.

MAY 2011...from The Cleveland Plain Dealer: Three finalists for chief executive officer of the Cleveland school district are set to undergo interviews. The Cleveland school board, interim CEO Peter Raskind and Mayor Frank Jackson will conduct the interviews. The candidates: Cheryl Atkinson, superintendent of the Lorain (Ohio) district; Bernard Taylor, superintendent of the Grand Rapids (Mich.) district; and Chris Scott, superintendent of the Lowell (Mass.) district.

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