Austin (Texas) board votes to lay off hundreds of employees

March 29, 2011
Layoffs of 490 workers mean more than 1,100 jobs are being eliminated

From The Austin American-Statesman: The Austin (Texas) school board has voted to lay off hundreds of district employees, affecting new workers under probation and those under long-term contracts alike. Trustees voted to not renew contracts that were at an end, to break contracts and to not renew the contracts of those working on a probationary status. The district is eliminating 1,153 jobs; all but 490 were eliminated without layoffs. The job cuts are needed, administrators say, to close an estimated $94 million budget shortfall due to cuts in state funding and a reduction in local tax revenues. FEBRUARY 2011...from The Austin American-Statesman: Austin (Texas) school administrators will recommend cutting more than 1,000 positions next year — roughly 8 percent of the district’s total workforce — according to a letter sent to Austin school district employees. Specifically, more than 771 campus-based and 246 central-office positions will be eliminated out of the current 12,000 employee workforce.

JANUARY 2011...from The Austin American-Statesman: About 485 positions in the Austin (Texas) district could be cut after the board approved a change in staffing formulas. The changes would lead to cutting 220 elementary and 229 secondary school positions plus another 35 parent support specialists. The move saves the district $26.5 million.

Earlier....from The Austin American-Statesman: Facing one of the grimmest budgets in the district's recent history, the Austin (Texas) school board will consider a plan that would cut up to 300 secondary school teaching positions; 50 elementary art, music and physical education teaching positions; and one-third of the district's school librarians.

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