District won't reveal who's on school-closing committee

Oct. 8, 2008
Bloomfield Hills (Mich.) system is looking to close 2 schools
Residents in the Bloomfield Hills (Mich.) school district who would like input on the contentious decision of which two schools the district will close at the end of the school year can send an e-mail to administrators, contact school board officials or attend three public meetings. But they can't go directly to the source--members of a committee that will recommend which schools to close. District administrators are refusing to release the names of the 15 or so parents tapped to serve on the committee, saying that their identities should be private.To read The Detroit Free Press article, click here. FROM SEPTEMBER 2008: Bloomfield Hills (Mich.) School Superintendent Steve Gaynor wants to close two elementary or middle schools next year and another within the next two to four years because of falling enrollment in one of the state's wealthiest school districts. The district has about 5,800 students from Bloomfield Hills and portions of Bloomfield Township, Troy, Orchard Lake and West Bloomfield. Exact figures for this school year will not be available until October, but enrollment has been falling for years. To read The Detroit Free Press article, click here.

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