One-room schoolhouse closes in San Diego County

June 10, 2008
Palomar Mountain School became too expensive to operate

After 60 years of continuous use, the Palomar Mountain School, San Diego County's last one-room school, is closing. The Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District says closing the K-8 facility will save about $80,000 a year. Only seven students attended the school this year, and only three or four were expected to attend next year. Students who live on Palomar will be bused down the mountain to Valley Center, as high school students are now.
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FROM OCTOBER 2007: Legislation ensuring that the last operating one-room schoolhouse in San Diego County, Calif., Palomar Mountain School, will remain open for at least the remainder of this school year has been signed by the governor. Declining enrollment in recent years – 11 students attended last year and seven are being taught atop the mountain this year – has jeopardized the school's future. It appears that three students will attend the school next year if it remains open.
Click here to read The San Diego Union-Tribune article.

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