Leader of choice school in Milwaukee charged with stealing federal funds

March 1, 2012
Pastor allegedly used funds allocated to the school for personal expenses

From The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: A pastor who ran a private choice school in Milwaukee is facing charges of fraud and theft of federal funds. Gregory Goner, 41, has been indicted by a grand jury on four counts of theft of federal funds and one count of wire fraud. Goner, pastor of Spirit Governed Baptist Church, also was president and chief administrator of Excel Academy, a K-12 school. The indictment says Goner used $37,000 in federal funds for a down payment on apartments he bought in 2007, $70,000 to pay mortgage payments on those apartments and an unspecified amount of money to lease Cadillacs for him, his wife and his mother. Goner also allegedly paid himself more than $90,000 though he spent little time on school business.

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