Financial incentives for teachers didn't boost student performance, study says

July 19, 2011
Reports looks at 3-year effort to improve performance at high-needs New York City public schools

News release: A New York City program designed to improve student performance through financial incentives for teachers did not improve student achievement, according to a RAND Corporation study. From 2007 to 2010, nearly 200 New York City public schools participated in the Schoolwide Performance Bonus Program. It provided financial rewards based on school-level performance to educators in high-needs elementary, middle, and high schools. Researchers concluded that the most likely reason for the program's lack of success was that it did not change teacher behavior and did not create the conditions needed to motivate staff members.

Read more: "A Big Apple for Educators; New York City's Experiment with Schoolwide Performance Bonuses: Final Evaluation Report"

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