Lewiston (Idaho) district voters again reject $52 million bond for new high school

March 11, 2011
Support falls short of required two-thirds majority

From KLEW-TV: Voters in the Lewiston (Idaho) district have again rejected a $52 million bond proposal that would have paid for construction of a new high school. The district wanted to build a 256,000-square-foot facility to replace the existing high school, which was built in 1928. This is the third time voters have said no to funding for a new high school.

OCTOBER 2010....from KLEW-TV: A $52 million bond proposal that would have paid for a new high school building in Lewiston, Idaho, has been defeated.

SEPTEMBER 2010...from KLEW-TV: A $52 million school facility bond in the Lewiston (Idaho) school district would pay for a new high school. Supporters say a new building is needed to replace an aging campus. The main building of the existing campus is 82 years old.

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