Law school plans suffer setback in Boise

Aug. 25, 2008
Neither of two proposed schools will be ready in 2009

A pair of law schools once racing to open in Boise, Idaho, next fall now face delays that could keep either school from opening until at least 2010. University of Idaho's dream of growing a full-fledged, three-year law school in Boise was dismantled last week by the State Board of Education. State education leaders have permitted the university to start only a third year of law school in Boise by 2010 and agreed to talk about further expansion in the future. And now Concordia University in Portland, Ore., which had planned to open a law school in the city by 2009, now says it will need at least another year to raise the money and meet accreditation requirements. Concordia officials say they need private commitments of about $7 million to open in Boise, not the $4 million administrators first thought.

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